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Six years later, Butler is happily remarried to Kelly Lee (Daniels) Butler — "my fifth and final wife" — and doesn't shy away from talking about the incident.

Isn't this what Ernest Hemingway would have done, had he lived in the age of social media?

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Butler also continues to teach two workshops a year, one for graduate students, the other for undergraduates, while mentoring more than a dozen students working on doctorate or master of fine arts degrees."I'm going to retire from FSU in a body bag," Butler said.

"I will stop writing for the same reason."ALTER EGOButler frequently writes in the first person.

Cobb is a war correspondent and spy; Butler spent two years in Vietnam (1969-71), where he was an interpreter and then worked in military intelligence as a de facto spy."He's closer to me than any other character I've written," Butler said.

"His mother was in the theater and he did some acting. Kit Cobb is unlike any character I've ever created; he's close to the bone."Cobb also represents Butler's best chance to date of striking Hollywood gold.

It's been a great source of revenue for me," he said.

"Though I've never had a movie made, (1993 Pulitzer Prize-winning) 'A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain' won me a couple of screenwriting jobs."Butler has written treatments for Oscar-winning directors Oliver Stone, Sydney Pollack and Robert Redford, whom he refers to as "Bob," as well as Jerry Bruckheimer.

Poet David Kirby, a colleague of Butler's in FSU's English department who also has won numerous awards, refers to Butler as the star of their program."When I'm traveling and meet people who want to know what I do and I tell them I teach creative writing at FSU, often a follow-up is 'Who else teaches there? "I always say, 'Bob Butler does,' because I know the other person is going to light up like a pinball machine.

Bob is our MVP; people who haven't heard of FSU otherwise know it because of Bob."At 68, when some writers begin to slow down, Butler appears to be putting the pedal to the metal more than ever.

"Oh, Gawker would have had a field day with Ernest Hemingway," Butler said, sitting in the rocking chair in his reading room, Jarvis, a large black cat, purring in Butler's lap. We're all a little farther down the road with the ripple effects and public effects of the Internet."For the close circle of people for whom that email was intended, she sat right at my shoulder by the way and vetted every sentence in that. It did protect her and I'm not sure I would have done much different. It probably, if anything, raised the public consciousness for my work.

You know, Norman Mailer stabbed one of his wives and this, 'Oh, the mystique.'"Butler is keenly aware of his legacy and is determined that the record be complete.

None of the scripts became movies; such is the way of Hollywood.

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