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On the surface, the England striker and his German counterpart appear to have even less in common than the two clubs they will represent at Old Trafford today, Sheringham's Manchester United juggernaut crushing every team that gets in their way, Klinsmann's Tottenham Hotspur in need of running repairs as they stutter from one crisis to the next.

Yet, briefly before today's seemingly lopsided fixture and as they have done regularly on the telephone since the German's departure the two strikers will share a moment to reminisce on a partnership that was one of the most prolific of modern times.

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The blonde beauty met Teddy in 2007 and two years later moved into his Essex mansion which is named Camp Nou after the Barcelona stadium where he scored in the 1999 Champions League final.

An “excited” Gareth Southgate said England must strike a balance between being brave about what they can do in the 2018 World Cup and not underestimating two largely “unknown” opponents, as he admitted that their group after the draw in Moscow could well have been much more “dangerous” than it is given they were in pot two.

But we also have to handle the expectation of being one of the favourite teams in the group.

For us as a team when you’re involved with England that’s the mentality you’ve got to have.

Sheringham has a penchant for Page Three girls, Klinsmann does not.

One you may find in Essex's finer nightspots, the other sipping espresso in a Hampstead cafe.

He was one of a number of people from a range of backgrounds who were caught by speed cameras and then claimed falsely on the notice sent to them that someone else was driving to avoid a penalty.

Many of the claims nominated the same person, who has not been traced.

``Teddy is not only a great player,'' Klinsmann said, ``but a great person. He is a very open-minded person and so we had a great relationship on and off the pitch.'' Klinsmann has played alongside some of the world's most feared strikers in a career that has taken him from Monaco to Milan to Munich. ``He has made himself a name everywhere on the continent now,'' Klinsmann said. He always knew where I was and I knew where he was.'' Sheringham is equally complimentary: ``At the end of my career I will be proud to say I played alongside Jurgen.

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