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' I was a bit of a late bloomer and no boys in school were ever interested in me,' she recalls.' He was the first guy to actually fancy me, and it was so flattering.' ' I come from a small surfing town in Devon, where these kind of relationships were normalised. ' Now, I strongly feel that any relationship where one person has no experience and the other has lots can never be equal.' For me, having an older guy take interest in me was, at first, the biggest self-esteem boost ever.

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' But if their friends haven’t received the right education either, they may react by blaming the girl.' One teacher tells me that the results-orientated nature of schools today makes it tricky to engage pupils in any kind of personal education.

' PHSE is seen as an add-on,' she explains.

' Teenage girls can’t look out for abusive situations, because they have no idea what they look like,' Alice Stride of tells me.

' They will often mistake controlling behaviour for romance.' It’s a lethal combination that has made 16-19-year-old girls the group most at-risk of domestic abuse in the UK.

It’s clear that education – from as young an age as possible – is the best way to help teenagers avoid damaging relationships.

Personally, I believe I’d never have got involved with Jon if I’d been able to recognise how dodgy the situation was.

I was even in trouble at school because he encouraged me to bunk off to spend time with him.

My lack of experience, plus the automatic power imbalance that comes from such an age difference, meant controlling and manipulating me came easily. From the ‘baby groupies’ of the 60s and 70s to the 15-year-old in the Adam Johnson court case, teenage girls are easy prey for older men who wish to feel powerful.

Me and my mates had snuck into a nightclub with the help of some dodgy ID, and I was buying a WKD blue at the bar when we got chatting.

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