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It’s a good idea to honestly confront your partner about things that you are not happy about in your relationship or in his/her behavior instead of blindly accepting everything about him/her.

It’s actually healthy for your relationship to be a little selfish and look out for your own needs, interests, and goals.

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So, instead of trying to figure it out, it’s easier to make his Dad and Jessie happy rather than risk their anger or disappointment.

While I agree that guys who are too nice with women will most often lose a woman’s interest very quickly, I am also not a big fan of this whole idea of being a “challenge” with women like some sources of dating advice suggest you should follow.

However, that obvious interest often leads us to making those people second priority.

Consciously or not, we started believing that since our big admirer is there for us and available all the time anyway, there is no reason to pursue them.

Ryan isn’t particularly interested in church and isn’t even sure he believes in God, but be attends every week.

He failed his first semester of college and knows he doesn’t want to go back.

Instead of telling Jessie, he makes excuses for not enrolling in classes.

He’s content working construction, but exhausted with the extra weight of helping in his dad’s restaurant every weekend.

And that principle is this: a woman develops attraction, romantic and sexual interest and love for a man not as much because of how he treats her but because of How you treat a woman and how you make her feel when she is around you is of course important, but that’s only one, less significant part of the equation.

In other words, being too nice, too sweet, accommodating, kind and generous with a woman alone, without the other elements of being an man, is not going to make her more attracted to him.

You may be doing your absolute best in a relationship as far as being giving, honest and generous, and then you will be shocked to find out that your relationship partner is losing interest in you and wants out.

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