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Pennsylvania has joined a number of other states in passing a “Do Not Call” law, officially known as the Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act.As a result, Pennsylvanians now have the option to eliminate many of these calls by placing their names on a statewide “Do Not Call” list.By the way, this is true whether you are on the "do not call" registry or not.

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After the first 90 days of the system's operation, if you still receive unwanted telemarketing calls, you will be able to file a complaint with the FTC online or by calling a toll-free number. For example, companies with which you have had a business relationship can call you for up to 18 months after your last purchase or payment.

Beware: there is a scam going around about people contacting you to try to get you to give them personal information in exchange for assistance in reporting telemarketers and supposedly getting you money for it. Even if there was a relationship and the company legally called, you may ask the company not to call again, and they must comply.

You can find information on the FCC’s regulations at

The do not call provisions do not cover calls from political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors, or companies with which a consumer has an existing business relationship.

What this law was designed to do was to keep those professional telemarketing companies from calling you, and it should accomplish that.

Even if you don't register for the "do not call" list, the new Telemarketing Sales Rule should help eliminate some other annoyances.

The FTC’s decision to create the National Do Not Call Registry was the culmination of a comprehensive, three-year review of the Telemarketing Sales Rule, as well as the FTC’s extensive experience enforcing the Rule in the previous seven years.

The FTC also held numerous workshops, meetings and briefings to solicit feedback from interested parties, and considered more than 64,000 public comments, most of which favored creating the registry.

Here are the answers to some common questions about the national "do not call" registry: Everyone in the country may begin signing up for the​ "do not call" registry online.

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