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Check Point also offers the ability to educate users in real time.

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Many firewall vendors offer next-generation firewalls, but they argue over whose technique is best. Unlike traditional stateful firewalls, which deal in ports and protocols, next-generation firewalls drill into traffic to identify the applications traversing the network.

With current trends pushing applications into the public cloud or to be outsourced to Software as a Service (Saa S) providers, a higher level of granularity is needed to ensure that the proper data is coming into the enterprise network.

App-ID, as the core of Palo Alto’s firewalls, is always running, so it can identify when an application performs a function, such as a file transfer, and it can apply policy to that specific function.

The company also notes that App-ID is extensible, so that as new techniques become available, they can be incorporated into the classification engine.

App-ID identifies applications using several techniques, including decryption, detection, decoding, signatures and heuristics.

Individual App-IDs for a given application can rely on any combination of these techniques in a single bundle, allowing the engine to identify all versions of an application, as well as all of the platforms the application runs on.

The company will use the compiled data to identify these applications and add them to the signature database.

• Check Point Software has developed the App Wiki application library, which the company claims can identify over 5,000 applications and 100,000 social networking widgets.

The company’s Forti Guard Labs team maintains an application signature database, adding signatures for new applications as well as updating signatures for new versions of existing applications.

The application database enables Fortinet’s products to separate disparate applications from a single site, such as Facebook or Google, and allows separate policies for each.

These application signatures are pulled into the company’s Check Point Application Control and Identity Awareness Software Blades.

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