Updating firmware on linksys router wrt310n

The new LELA sports a more Vista-like look and turns installation into an easy, wizard-based process that has your hardware installation finished in four steps and full network config done in another five.

These take you from the very beginning, after you've unboxed the 310N but before you've plugged anything in.

Our early-version 310N still worked with the old-style Linksys Web management interface, however.

Once the 310N was configured, its performance was a mixed bag.

Your 310N will allow connected PCs Internet access after the hardware install, but don't stop the process there.

Router configuration is required to secure your router's password and enable the wireless network with an SSID and a security key.

Although it wasn't ready in time for our early look, the LELA will also change the look and feel of the 310N's day-to-day Web-based management screens.

These will be accessible from the desktop LELA client and will sport the look and feel of the installation process, including updated features like a local interactive network diagram.

These will be downloaded and installed automatically—a good thing for LELA but when it comes to auto-updating firmware on the router, a bit worrisome to me: It's not a given that everyone will want to install every firmware update.

Still, if you don't want to install the agent, you can simply opt out at setup.

That's all you need to get started, and Linksys has notably improved setup from its earlier versions with the new LELA—the whole process took less than 10 minutes.

Another important update to the new LELA is the addition of an auto-update feature.

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