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The dirty little secret of presentation writing is that the vast majority of presentations that we write are not presented! This has profound implications on the style of presentation which you should adopt.

In this section we will explore the characteristics of the Mc Kinsey (or consulting in general) style presentation and identify the things it does well and why this style is so useful.

To better understand how to present facts in the form of data we will start with Edward Tufte and a theory for the visual display of quantitative information.

We will also explore the differences between tables and graphs, and how to know when to use each.

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350 Power Point presentations are given per second. They are too long, too dull, too full of useless detail, too generic. They are how we represent ourselves and our work to the world, they are the culmination of our analysis and our thinking. Our careers depend on our business presentations not being terrible.

In this chapter we explore the hows and whys of storytelling within business presentations.

The focus of this chapter is on the need for facts and data, and how to present them.

Use The Advanced Guide to Writing Mc Kinsey-Style Presentations in the way that works best for you.

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