Updating media information

The functionality guides the user to ensure a sufficient number of photos.

Make sure we have your current contact information so we can keep you up-to-date on campus news, events and opportunities.

In order to ensure you are receiving our alumni publications and communications, please take a moment to update your contact information: Samford University is pleased to unveil a new community for keeping alumni connected to one another and their alma mater alumni.

If you open the survey in Connect again, or download the survey to Connect from AGOL after you have manually updated the with this script, there will be a difference between the external_choices sheet in xls workbook (original values) and the (new values).

If you re-publish the survey via Connect again without making any changes to external_choices sheet, the will be replaced with the original values that are in the external_choices sheet.

Either way, you can simply install Python and then the 'item ID = Item ID of the Form item you want to updatedownload_folder = Local folder where the Form data will be downloaded (include a / at end of path)updated_file = Updated file name (ie My List.csv)source_loc = Folder path of the updated file (include a / at end of path)portal_url = URL address of your Arc GIS portalcredentials = Arc GIS user credentials to authenticate against the portal ()security_type = Arc GIS portal security type (LDAP, NTLM, OAuth, Portal, PKI) Once the above user parameters have been updated in the script, save your changes and you are ready to go.

Simply execute the script and the Form item of your survey will be updated.

Users of the field app will need to delete the survey from their gallery in the field app on the device, re-download the survey from the Download Surveys menu, open the survey and they will have access to the updated survey and associated media files.

Below are instructions so you can configure the Python script with your own survey and media files. If you have Arc GIS Pro or Arc GIS Desktop installed, then Python 2.7 or above should be installed, however you will likely not have the ‘Arc REST’ module.

We often get requests from people who want to update a file in the media folder of a Survey123 Form item but do not want to have to re-publish their survey every time they make a change to the file.

For example, the file could be a large CSV containing address information that is constantly updated from another source, and is part of an external choice list in your survey.

Please note that updating the file directly in the Form item via this script does not update the values in the external_choices sheet of the associated xls workbook.

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