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In summary, that is now you can attach your current build number to your assemblies with Team City.

updating the assembly version-70

The Assembly Info file contains all of the metadata about the assembly which is included when it is built.

I just use a MSBuild community task to rewrite my complete Assembly file with all of the required information. Engine Properties Assembly Info.cs” Assembly Title=”DLRHost. Engine” Assembly Description=”DLRHost Engine” Assembly Configuration=”” Assembly Company=”Ben Hall – Blog.

This is one of the most annoying problem of Custom Actions, you need to recompile again when you upgrade build servers to new version of TFS.

A script solution is surely more reusable, so I’ve decided to create a little script in Powershell to modify all files before the build.

Net CLR to correctly identity which version of an assembly to use.

There are some disadvantages for doing this, one being you lose the flexibility to xcopy updated assemblies without having to recompile everything, this is the release why Microsoft keep versions at (or in the case of SQL Server 2008).

When being applications, ideally you want your assemblies to be labelled with the associated build.

This will allow you to keep track of your versions, useful for bug reports, and for .

I’m not a Powershell expert and my solution is not surely optimal, but is a simple proof of concept on how simple is to accomplish build versioning with a script instead of direct customization of the workflow with custom actions.

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