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In my opinion, it *wasn't* easier - it was simple, but either painful, slow, or both.

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When you think about it, of the three contact points, the relative position between BB position and seat position is essentially fixed for a given rider.

So then it makes sense to base handlebar position off of the BB, the 'starting point' for a given bike.

Of course, top tube length and reach are not directly related, because for otherwise similar bikes, the seat will be lower on the bigger frame, thus sliding it forward a small amount.

I like the concept of reach, as presented here, though.

Because the "stack" and "reach" concept work on any model or style of road bike, it is likely these terms will become standard fitting terms in the industry.

If one model is called a "size 54" and the other is called a "size 58", but both have your preferred "stack" of 59.5 and your preferred "reach" of 39.2, you will know that you can get an equally good fit on either bike.

They slowed me down from speeds approaching 60 mph on several occasions. However, right now I am 185 pounds, I rode with them yesterday down five pretty good downhills, never even gave them a second thought.

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.

See my cycling photos at See my bikes at Visit my blog at Lightning Velo Cycling Club: This is interesting, particularly since I am thinking about getting a custom-made bike, not because I need custom fitting, necessarily, but because I want certain features that aren't common.

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