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So, what have we learned from the most recent landing attempts?

The first attempt to land on a drone ship in the Atlantic was in January, and while we came close, the first stage prematurely ran out of the hydraulic fluid that is used to steer the small fins that help control the rocket's descent.

So, what if we could mitigate those factors by landing rockets gently and precisely on land?

Refurbishment time and cost would be dramatically reduced.

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If not, please also check your bulk / junk / spam mail folders for further details.Our rocket has small, foldable heat-resistant wings calledgrid finsneeded for steering the first-stage as it plummets from the edge of space through Earth's atmosphere,cold-gas thrusterson the top of the first-stage that are used to flip the rocket around as it begins its journey back to Earth, and strong but lightweight carbon fiberlanding legsthat deploy as it approaches touchdown.All of these systems, while built and programmed by humans, are totally automated once the rocket is launched—and are reacting and adjusting their behavior based on incoming, real-time data.Historically, most rockets have needed to use all of their available fuel in order to get their payload into space.Space X rockets were built from the beginning with reusability in mind—they have enough built-in fuel margin to deliver a Dragon to the space stationandreturn the first-stage to Earth.Check outthis previously unreleased, longer videofrom our tracking camera.

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