Verifying and validating the solutions

The experience from beginning to end was nothing but positive! -Mary S My PODS experience was amazing from start to finish.The team at the PODS sales center took care of me and helped find the best solution for my needs.Though abstract (not as direct as sine pattern measurements), it has several concrete advantages over sine patterns: it requires less real estate, it is more immune to noise, and it is very robust and repeatable.

verifying and validating the solutions-25

Since the rotation operation usually applies anti-aliasing that makes the slanted-edge less sharp than the sine pattern, the edge needs to be sharpened, with the amount determined by trial-and-error.

The contrast is then reduced to about 10:1 (pixel levels between about 22 and 220) and versions of the image rotated by multiples of 90 degrees (which does not affect sharpness) are inserted into the final image.

Then leave the driving to someone else—and leave the hassles behind.

When searching for my moving needs I did extensive research on all companies and no one could match the convenience, price or professionalism that PODS offered!

The bar and sine pattern is a crop of the image produced by Test Charts.

A sharp, high-contrast edge can be created by a number of different approaches.

To perform the validation we use a set of image files that contain patterns for both types of validation strategies.

These files all start with the same image, but one is an unblurred original and the others are blurred to various degrees by an image editor program.

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