Verizon updating phone software

If your computer is using Personal Hotspot on the i OS device that you’re updating, connect your computer to a different Wi-Fi or Ethernet network before you update. Use the My Verizon Mobile App to get account information on-the-go!

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These are suppose to be compact, quick & easy to use by design, that is their nature.

Having every single feature crammed into this would not only defeat the purpose entirely but you may as well just use your favorite browser & log onto to full website...right? Now, when you log in, a message pops up telling you to go to Verizon Wireless's website. Will flag the app in hopes that Microsoft pulls it.

Some have given lower review scores sighting that this app is lacking options available at Verizon's full website.

I prefer not to be rude, especially online but that is the most ridiculous reason to write a bad review for an "APP"!

When I first got that MIFI it was the greatest device to take on a road trip. Meaning would I be able to use my Mac Book Pro on the road and get a Wi Fi internet connection off the phone? My questions are, I have seen and like the i Phone 4S, the Lucid by LG, and as far as the Mobile Hot Spots at Verizon, I have not ben able to find any reviews on the Samsung& the Mi F4510Li 4G (made by Novatel).

Is so, would this add a lot more to the price of the data plan? Hello-My contract for the 2 lines I have with Verizon has been up for renewal for about a year.

With the Droid X, you cannot maintain a data connection while on a phone call.

You can verify data usage using the "My Verizon" tool in the phone, check your online account or call customer service.

I have no problems using the Verizon Wireless website to check my account.

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