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At each corresponding stage: source/sink encoding/decoding, transmitting/receiving, there is in effect a mutually agreed standard, a so-called protocol. ."] However, as the diagram hints at, at each stage noise affects the process, so that under certain conditions, detecting and distinguishing the signal from the noise becomes a challenge.

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However, as Cicero pointed out in the cite just above, the underlying issues are of such great importance, that all educated people need to think about them carefully.

Accordingly, in the below we shall examine a cluster of key cases, starting with the often overlooked but crucial point that in communication systems, we first start with an apparent message, then ask how much information is in it.

Observe carefully, though: [e] such questions go beyond the "belt" of science theories, proper, into the worldview-tinged issues that -- as Imre Lakatos reminded us -- are embedded in the inner core of , not a likely product of a random process.

He then [logically speaking] goes on to ask concerning the evident FSCI in nature, and challenges those who would explain it by reference to chance collocations of atoms.

That is, the design inference has long since been deeply embedded in scientific thought, once we have had to address the issue: Then, we look at several key cases: informational macromolecules such as DNA, the related origins of observed biodiversity, and cosmological finetuning.

Thereafter, the issue is broadened to look at the God of the gaps challenge. (NB: For INTRODUCTION: The raging controversy over inference to design, sadly, too often puts out more heat and blinding, noxious smoke than light. )], through the informational requisites of body-plan level biodiversity, on to the origin of mannishness as we experience it, including mind and reasoning, as well as conscience and morals.

[Note how this definition by functional description is not artificially confined to HUMAN intelligent agents: it would apply to computers, robots, the alleged alien residents of Area 51, Vulcans, Klingons or Kzinti, or demons or gods, or God.] But also, in so solving their problems, intelligent agents may leave behind empirically evident signs of their activity; and -- as say archaeologists and detectives know -- functionally specific, complex information Such preliminary points should also immediately lay to rest the assertion in some quarters that inference to design is somehow necessarily "unscientific" -- as, such is said to always and inevitably be about improperly injecting "the supernatural" into scientific discourse.

(We hardly need to detain ourselves here with the associated claim that intelligence is a "natural" phenomenon, one that spontaneously emerges from the biophysical world; for that is plainly one of the issues to be settled by investigation and analysis in light of empirical data, conceptual issues and comparative difficulties, not dismissed by making question-begging evolutionary materialist assertions. [Also, HT Stephen B, a longstanding commenter at the Uncommon Descent [UD] blog, for deeply underscoring the significance of the natural/supernatural issue and for providing incisive comments, which have materially helped shape the below.]) ["design"].

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