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She has gone from one job to another before finding what looks like a great job. It comes with a house to rent and provides all the training she would need to advance her further into a promising career.The only downside is it is in another state, it is all the way down in Alabama in a small town on the Georgia boarder.

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The light skin black gentlemen name is Ben he notices Becky and says “Hello young lady, I am Ben” and smiles.

Tiffani says “Sorry, let me take care of my daughter really quick.” Ben put his end on mute and tells his friend, Gerald, that this is the one he wants.

He gets in the limo and puts the privacy screen down and tells them there is a TV that is hooked up to satellite and asks them to get comfortable that the company headquarters is over three hours away. Becky cannot believe the way they are being treated.

They arrive just before noon and are escorted into the executive suite.

She accepts and they tell her they will email her with the specifics about the itinerary.

Within two hours she sees she is on a flight for two from Chicago to Birmingham she see there will be a car waiting for her to drive her to the interview.

Tiffani tells Becky that she has to go out of town to go on an interview and the company wants you to come with me so that you can see the town and get a feel of the land.

Becky says “Okay, looks like an adventure.” They leave the next day for what they hope will be a new beginning and Tiffani hopes is a start on a new career and life for her and Becky.

Tiffani and Becky have always been close, she had Becky when she was just 15 and she kind of grew up with each other. Becky is a beautiful Blond hair blue eye stunner like her mother.

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