Who are the boys of one direction dating

Especially with all their solo careers flourishing at hyper speed, it's hard not to think the worst: that the boys won't want to relive the past.

Well, Liam Payne is always there for us when we need him most."You know I think it (a reunion) will happen at some point in the distant future," the "For You" singer dished in an interview with German online news publication Promiflash.

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Apparently, it's something the boys have discussed in length."We've all spoken about it and, you know, the dream for this most fantastic show that could be, is amazing," he continued.

Liam actually thinks that the boys' solo success is even more of a reason to reunite."With everybody being so successful, this in part now (sic) is so important for us to be able to make that show," he explained.

Niall obviously hasn’t yet got romance off to a tee…

BBC News had a W1A moment last week when consultants told them ‘not to be afraid to admit they don’t know the answer’.

Harry has had quite a few girlfriends including Felicity Skinner (a girl from his hometown), when they were 15 Then, perhaps most famously, Styles dated another musician you may have heard of: Taylor Swift. After an appropriate mourning period, Styles went on a few dates with none other than Kendall Jenner.

Swift Styles first met at the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2012, and were in the “matching necklace” phase of their relationship by fall. Ken Har visited snowboard shops and had breakfast, but their relationship eventually went the way of all flesh in February 2014, purportedly over their careers.

The Six O’Clock News and News At Ten have been losing working-class viewers, so experts were brought in to give tips on how to keep people watching.

One was that they should be more like Bake Off and Top Gear, who ‘build a community of loyal viewers’.

This led to the bizarre insight that newsreaders should not be afraid to ‘admit’ when they don’t know the answer.

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