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We spoke to Kroll about working with his friends, romantic partners, and sometimes people he doesn’t think are all that funny.

This season you’ve added moments between sketches where you break character and talk to your co-stars, like Jenny Slate and John Mulaney.

How much has Kroll Show become a showcase for your friends who are also comedians?

People like to see that the people making the shows are having a good time, and we really are.

It’s crazy to think how long we’ve all known each other.

I’m gonna finish in my writers’ room and go pop by the taping of Mulaney’s show.

So I knew Craig Robinson a little bit from just around town, and he was like, “I really like your show.” That was obviously pretty exciting, so when something came up for him, I could just give him a call.

Some of the interstitials feature people who aren’t on the show often, like your executive producer John Levenstein.

The biggest part is that I have a show I get to do, and these are the people who I’ve worked with since the beginning.

It would only make sense that I would want to continue working with them, and that they’d want to continue working with me.

I dated Barry Manilow for a few years and was in a few of his videos. So what happens if you are asked to be in a friend’s project and you don’t think it’s funny?

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