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It focuses more on the friends and family in Murray's childhood than on Murray herself. The only childhood bump she appears to have experienced is when her Grade 5 music teacher told her to stop singing in the middle of the first line of a singing test. Once Murray chooses between her successful career as a teacher and pursuing a full-time career as a singer, the story starts to speed along.

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Murray also writes that she escaped from a near sexual assault when she was in her early 20s on a date with a doctor.

She doesn't gloss over a few embarrassing truths, such as the fact that her now ex-husband and co-star, Langstroth, at the time of their romance, was "still married, almost 15 years my senior and also my boss."She admits that she was "falling in love, fast, and powerless to do anything about it."Her narrative also features good introspection, as when she reflects: "Bill was good for me in so many ways. He believed that you can make things that seem impossible happen, and he made me believe that too."She also spurned a young Brian Mulroney because she wasn't attracted to him and she "wasn't interested in anyone except Bill." She also rejected Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias's advances because she was married.

Murray has always attracted a strong lesbian fan base but insists she has never swung that way herself.

One of her gay female admirers told her that gay women were looking for strong, independent, approachable women as role models, and "I definitely fit that bill."Her singing idol was the late Dusty Springfield, who came on to her and then drunkenly scratched Langstroth's face after Anne spurned her.

Murray also admits that she smoked marijuana — again, at odds with her long-standing, wholesome, girl-next-door image.

She also admits that she was once so inebriated that she peed on famous composer and jazz trumpeter Herb Alpert's pants while sitting on his lap in a cab in the Bahamas at the start of her show business career.

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She sings pop, country and adult contemporary music genre. Also, she earned a gold record for her signature songs ‘Snowbird’.

She was born on a place called Springhill, Nova Scotia.

She was born to father James Carson Murray and Mother Marion Margaret. Anne’s father died at the age of 72 from leukemia in 1980.

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