Who is charles saatchi dating

“He walked off in a huff and left Trinny on her own,” quoted one onlooker as saying.“Her hair appeared dishevelled and her eyes were red from crying.When she managed to compose herself, she walked up to him, but he ignored her.”The couple eventually left the restaurant in a taxi together.“Why not send a photographer to Scott’s tomorrow lunchtime and I’ll give Trinny a good throttling in time for your deadline?

This whole situation is extremely scary, and I hope Trinny soon realizes that Saatchi is a violent creature who will never change.

Charles Saatchi’s girlfriend Trinny Woodall was pictured in tears after an argument with the art mogul outside the same restaurant that he famously rowed with Nigella Lawson.

However the images are still likely to raise questions about whether the couple’s nine-month romance is on the rocks.

Onlookers claim the pair were indeed arguing and Trinny, who barely touched her food, burst into tears as the argument escalated, hiding behind huge dark glasses and smoking anxiously. “Her hair looked all ruffled and her make up was smudged.

While Saatchi apparently refused to take part in five different dates set up for him by friends, he did agree to see Trinny who broke up from her Italian businessman boyfriend Stefano Bonfiglio last Christmas.

It’s been almost a year since the world saw the shocking photos of Charles Saatchi choking his then-wife, Nigella Lawson, in public.You have to scroll down to the bottom of this article to see pictures of Trinny crying.That’s disturbing enough already, but wait until you read Saatchi’s email in response to the Mail’s inquiry: It seems Charles Saatchi’s favourite table at Scott’s restaurant holds no bad memories for Trinny Woodall despite being reduced to tears at it last week.Nigella admitted to occasional coke use in her past, and she described her marriage as “.” Saatchi unofficially “won” Scott’s restaurant in the divorce.He quickly started dating UK tellie presenter Trinny Woodall.Hours after the post, Lawson appeared to retaliate on Twitter, naming her recipe of the day “slut spaghetti”.

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