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Research estimates that one in 10 youth has mental health problems that are severe enough to impair how they function at home, school, or in the community. Did your struggles with self-esteem interfere with your work? I took it very seriously, the job, and put a lot of effort and focus into trying to do it right.

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Once I got on that boat, I was like, this is better.

My parents were very supportive and there for me, especially my dad.

Word on the net is that Charlize Theron has got a new man – and it’s none other than model Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex! TMZ reports that he sent flowers to Bella Thorne, who he got really chummy with while there.

The two were spotted together at the Santa Monica Pier in late May. But there’s also evidence that Scott may have also sent flowers to his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian – both women posted their strikingly similar floral arrangements on Instagram.

That was the first time you talked about your mental health struggles publicly. A: Basically, it was apparent at a very young age that I had some issues because I was constantly doing destructive behaviors that could make somebody question somebody's mental health. Q: When did you finally recognize that you needed help? I returned home to Salt Lake City where my parents live and had to deal with the depression aspect.

Even though I didn't have any significant problem with my face -- I was just like, "Can you make me look better? I went to another guy who was a total back door plastic surgeon and he had no problem opening up my face and he did a chin implant and that looked really weird too. I could actually feel and move the implant under my skin.

Choosing to perpetuate the incessant barrage of [physical perfection], I think that's also an ethical issue because it defeats the purpose of art. A: Parents need to show a lot of concern for the child and keep track of what they're doing and really stay in touch with them and watch to see if body dysmorphia is developing and have an open dialogue with the kid. But really talking and creating a family environment where people can be completely honest.

Some families don't' really offer that -- they want you to be a certain way.

It's such a broad topic but art and ethics are always hand in hand.

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