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Who ended her four-minute final routine at the 1976 Innsbruck Games with the now-famous Hamill Camel, a signature move that turned a camel spin into a sit spin.

And who, despite an overactive inner critic and untreated depression, starred in the Ice Capades for seven years, captured four consecutive World Professional Skating Championships, and won an Emmy for one of her television specials.

She shared the good and bad in her 2007 autobiography , partly as a way to help others coping with depression.

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Who is dorothy hamill dating

The ice has been Hamill’s refuge since she found her passion for the sport at age 8, after digging out a pair of rusty skates from the basement and heading to a frozen pond near her childhood home in Riverside, Connecticut.

“It’s the one place I’ve always loved being,” she explains.

Yes, Hamill captured the world’s attention at age 19 as an Olympic figure skating champion, known for her athleticism, winning smile and signature hairstyle.

But she has also been open about her lifelong insecurity and self-esteem issues, her fraught relationship with her mother, and the marital and financial problems that brought on her deepest depressive episodes.

“I think it’s important for people to know that just because it looks like everything’s fabulous on the outside, it isn’t always,” she explains.

These days, Hamill splits her time between the island of Nantucket in Massachusetts and the desert city of Palm Springs, California—and her schedule among entertainment, public service, and motivational speaking. She oversees the annual Dorothy Hamill Figure Skating Fantasy Camp for adults who dream of spins and edge jumps.

Now 57, the woman once dubbed “America’s sweetheart” says she’s celebrating a new lease on life.

“The last five years have been really wonderful,” she says.

Decorated figure skater, mother, and brand ambassador for Nature's Bounty Dorothy Hamill agrees that, no matter what, you're always better off healthy!

In this segment, Dorothy shares her inspiration for leading a healthy lifestyle on and off the ice, and her thoughts on how to healthily celebrate victories—no matter how big or how small.

“There’s just such a sense of freedom and calmness, moving in the cool air.

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