Who is john cena dating in real life

We’ve seen cases of so many wrestlers publicly voicing their anguish towards the leader of the Cenation with personal cases of how Cena screwed them, and these people still have a lot of animosity towards him.Obviously Cena isn’t a saint either, burying a number of superstars in order to get to where he is, and he’s done some very questionable things in his personal life as well. Initial plans did call for Cena to face the Undertaker, but they were scrapped by Vince Mc Mahon when word got out too early, coupled with the fact that Vince felt that type of match wouldn’t benefit the future of the WWE.

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, The Miz and Maryse suggested that the relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella was only for the cameras to make them more marketable.

And according to an ensuing report, their promo material was based on actual gossip that has gone on for quite some time backstage in the WWE.

John’s actually a cool dude outside the wrestling ring and has his share of friends who love to work out or hang out with him; Cena’s also actually pretty friendly to the newcomers and always helps them settle into the environment.

Of course, because there are friends, there will also be enemies in the company as well.

The same rings true towards John Cena, as both of them have been hanging around for quite a bit in the past few years now.

Bryan is married to Brie Bella while John is dating Nikki, and both are almost family right now, spending time with each other and getting to know each other very well.In the locker room, Cena seems to have been an influential figure for a number of years now as he has a lot of influence on Vince Mc Mahon as well.This has sparked rumors from people that he continuously wants his character to be on the top with a title around his waist, as Cena’s achievements are both hated and celebrated, depending on who you ask in the locker room.If you were expecting something like the ' Kliq' in the case of Cena, am sorry to tell you.Although it is no secret that despite what fans tell, Cena is well liked in locker room and in the management.The match between Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal has been on-again, off-again while the long-awaited showdown between Triple H and Seth Rollins is on life support because of Rollins’ knee.

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