Who is liquidating circuit city

But one employee said the store officially closed Friday when liquidators took over operations.A second employee, who also asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the press, said about 45 people work at the store and some of them have been there as long as two decades.

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It’s also true that the remaining employees don’t care about customers all that much.

“It is hard to care when you know the job is gone in 2 months anyway.” They’ll show you where stuff is located and answer product questions, but motivation beyond that seems to be almost non-existent.

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The Virginia-based company, founded in 1949, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November, hoping to be able to reorganize the business.

Circuit City completed the closure of 155 underperforming U. stores in November and December, including a location in Foothill Ranch.

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