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It is a development that we have no knowledge of nor would pass judgment.

President-elect Obama publicly acknowledged and thanked Richardson for putting the nation's interest ahead of his own by withdrawing from the nomination. We continue to believe that it would in our nation's interest for Governor Richardson to acknowledge the error of his conduct and apologize to Dr.

Parker, September 13, 2000 We note that Governor Richardson's withdrawal from his nomination as the next Commerce Secretary is due to ongoing grand jury investigation of possible corruption related to political campaign contribution.

We feel neither vindication or disappointment over this outcome.

Until Richardson issues an apology about his role in this case, we believe his confirmation to Cabinet Secretary should be opposed by all Americans who believe that government officials should be persons of excellent character, competence, and sound judgment beyond reproach.

(In opposing Bill Richardson’s appointment to become the next Commerce Secretary, we are acting independently of Dr. The Lee family has made it clear that they wish to return to their private lives, but the people involved in this effort believe that the injustice dealt to the Lee family demands a vocal response to Bill Richardson’s appointment.) Henry Der Roger Hu Cecilia Chang Guy M Wong Ivy Lee Monica Chen Norman Matloff Peter Chan Bill Sullivan, Retired DOE weapons lab engineer Chris Hoeber John Ludgey Jian Yao John Hurst Charles Pine Danny Wong Yeong-Cherng Liau Maria Sun Lelanda Lee Jinjiang Xiao Jeh Yung RIchard Lam Eric Mar, SF Bd of Supervisors Kent Guo Phillip M. Ling-chi Wang Tim Trevan Nancy Hsu P Cahill Jon Lee Betty Tsai james wu Mary-Claire King Ali R.

Here are some of the reasons for which we base our opposition: 1. According to University of California (UC) employment regulations, all Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) employees must first receive written notice of any intention to terminate and be given 8 calendar days to respond. Lee and allowed the scientist’s name to be linked to the ongoing espionage investigation at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In doing so, Richardson helped cast continuing doubt on the loyalty and reputation of tens of thousands of Chinese and Asian American scientists and engineers working in public and private research facilities across the nation.

Wen Ho Lee and the Asian community for racial profiling and violation of judicial due process.

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