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Increased logging on game server and on PC traffic too, some people wants down us ;) (yesterday was 14 ddos attacks - 100mb/s - 5gb/s, average latency increase on players between 5-10ms, after 1-2mins was all ok, end of attack or mitigation of bad traffic).

wow armory not updating 4 3-34

[Event Bag - Level 2] - New Item [RARE Town King Spell Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.

- New Item [RARE Town King Melee Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.

Shadow & Light is an external edit of Elv UI, which means it doesn't change Elv UI's files directly. It means that any time Elv UI gets updated, you will not have to worry about it overwriting our edited version of Elv UI.

It also means if we push an update it will not mess with any Elv UI files.

- in xmas month we took to players more than 250x Xmas Gifts, where players can randomly win any rewards - because a lot of players using threats, vulgarity etc. we applied antivulgar filters which taking to bad players mute, we updated list of vulgar words and increased mute from 3min to 500min New rings RARE Grizzly Spell Ring and RARE Grizzly Melee Ring - dungeon ZOO New bag RARE Arena Bag - from Lucky Arena Boxes New tabard RARE Arena Tabard - from Lucky Arena Boxes New rings RARE Arena Spell Ring and RARE Arena Melee Ring - from Lucky Arena Boxes New cloaks RARE Arena Spell Cloak and RARE Arena Melee Cloak - from Lucky Arena Boxes New shirts RARE Arena Spell Shirt and RARE Arena Melee Shirt - from Lucky Arena Boxes - actual change for drop RARE items from Lucky boxes is now 3, chance for RARE Arena drops increased from 0,03%/item and 0,05%/item.

Xmas coming, once again as every year you can expect benefits to Pv P and Pv E, most of you already know that Santa will come to the shop zones and will took to all players his gifts, he will took Xmas Elemental weapons, players will be awarded for the Xmas Ele Necks by events and they will have chance to win Xmas RARE.

End of next Arena Season will be :-) - added new preventions and protective functions for avoid of any attacks on web server - added firewall rules, preventions of attacks on scripts - forum updated from version 3.1.3 to 3.2.0 added new functions(topic preview,stopforumspam,ajax check, pass strength,obscure contact) Rare items are the best on server.

Recently some players get new Rare drops, or buyed them from other lucky players.

- New Item [RARE Bag of Sejra Plesnivec] - new item, which now dropping from boss Sejra Plesnivec in dungeon Magister Terrace.

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