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An appropriate message is added to the Strategy Tester journal.This option allows you to check the results of optimization in order to avoid fitting to certain time intervals.

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From the moment of sending a request till its execution, the price can change.

This allows you to evaluate how trade processing speed affects the trading results.

In case of the instant execution mode, users can additionally check the EA's response to a requote from the trade server.

If the difference between requested and execution prices exceeds the deviation value specified in the order, the EA receives a requote.

The tester automatically processes information of all symbols that are used in the trading strategy, so you do not need to manually specify the list of symbols for testing/optimization.

The Strategy Tester is multi-threaded, thus allowing to use all available computer resources.

After that 10% (in the full search) or 25% (in the genetic algorithm) of best runs are selected and then tested on the forward period.

The results of the best optimization runs on both periods can be compared on tabs Optimization Results and Forward Results.

The Strategy Tester allows you to test and optimize trading strategies (Expert Advisors) before using them for live trading.

During testing, an Expert Advisor with initial parameters is once run on history data.

The strategy tester allows you to emulate network delays during an Expert Advisor operation in order to bring testing closer to real conditions.

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