Xp not updating group policy

The previous blog posts discussed managing power on Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008).

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The Power Scheme preference item has the same enable/disable feature as the Power Option preference item and behaves in the same fashion.

The one difference with the Power Schemes preference item is the Action field.

Each power scheme has settings for two options: Plugged in or Running on batteries.

From there, you define the time out settings for turning off monitors, hard disks, system standby and system hibernate.

This means the setting in the item is enabled and the setting applies as configured.

Using Figure 1 as an example, the Always show icon on the taskbar is enabled but, the checkbox is not selected.Figure 1- Power Option preference item The Power Option preference item gives you the ability to configure hibernation, prompting for password when the computer resumes.Also, you can configure the Power button action when you close the lid of the computer (laptop), press the power button, or press the sleep button.However, preference item settings return on the next Group Policy refresh, unless configured otherwise. The Power Scheme preference item allows you to create, modify, and delete power schemes.This allows you to configure a Windows XP computer to use one of the pre-existing power schemes or modify the settings included in one of the pre-existing power schemes or, just you create your own—it is your choice.However, Update does provide additional functionality other than updating an existing power scheme with new settings.

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